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Cheryl L. Cholley (Cheryl Cholley)

Joined 5 years ago from Arizona

Retired and living on a small "ranch" outside of Tucson, Arizona, Cheryl spends her days in her organic garden and with hundreds of organic chickens.

Cheryl also writes about Detox and other health issues on her website Detox Central.  


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    How to Milk a Cow

    2 years ago

    Homesteading involves various activities to become more self-sufficient. Learning to milk a cow is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. First, get yourself a cow, then follow along with me.

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    Candida Albicans – Do you need to Detox?

    5 years ago

    Find out if you might have an overgrowth of Candida Albicans and learn what you can do about controlling it.

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    Liver Health - How I Flushed My Liver and Regained My Health

    4 years ago

    After many years of abusing our bodies, it becomes obvious that something's dreadfully wrong. You might start feeling tired, sluggish or sick. Somehow, something's just not right and you know it. You might begin with...

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